Our Team

We are empowered by ethical, strong and visionary leadership which is a backbone of our success in developing a great nutraceutical company.

Mr. K. Devasenapathi

Founder & Chairman

Founder & Chairman

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” these thoughts of Hippocrates manifests complementarity of nutrition and pharmacology much greater in today’s time. We set out on a mission to bridge the gap between health and food, relying on the aforementioned principle. Simply said, nutraceutical products are a hybrid between food and medicine. We at Ishaanav Nutraceuticals  believe that everyone should have access to good health, and we work to achieve this through our dedication to science-driven approach to nutraceutical. Ishaanav Nutraceuticals  offers customers an assurance of the best in quality products and stands out as a company name that connotes trustworthiness and reliability. I therefore, seek continued patronage of our valued customers, cooperation of our employees and express my gratitude to all who have contributed to the growth of the organization.


Board of Directors

Mr. V.T. Anantanarayanan

Co Founder & Managing Director (Plant Operations)

Dr. L. Umapathy

Director (Quality Management System)

Advisory Panel

Advisory Panel

Dr. Pradip Chakraborty

Director (Regulatory & Liasoning)

Dr. Praful Naik

Director (Techno Science)

Doctors Panel

Doctors Panel

Dr. Suresh Patankar

Director (Medical)

Dr. Rajesh Mahadevan

Director (Medical)

Dr. Hishikesh Rangnekar

Director (Clinical Research and Analysis)

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Ms. Gunjan Singhal

Vice-President (Medico Marketing)

Mr. G.S Iyer

Vice-President (Sales)