Ishaanav Nutraceuticals consistently works to uphold a reputation for providing outstanding concepts in nutraceuticals, marketing support services, and solutions where quality and dependability are paramount. We are able to bring innovation beyond ingredients thanks to our unmatched scientific understanding, applied know-how, and strategic collaborations. We are your innovation partner at every level of development, providing everything from branding and packaging to technical and regulatory help.

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Our team of expert formulators collaborates with you to create new formulae or enhance existing ones. In order to have a stronger impact on the end customers, we even do research on already-commercialized products to uncover better formulae and higher-quality ingredients.


We at the organisation have extensive knowledge of documentation requirements and regulatory compliance. We consistently and systematically check for compliance with current laws and regulations to verify the quality management system is operating as intended. We address quality, regulatory, and safety concerns, while ensuring compliance with the guidelines and RDA limits for ingredients.


We develop, improve, refine, and expedite the manufacturing of your health-focused dietary supplement. We optimise the formulation of the final product on a lab size batch after the pre-formulation tests to determine ingredient compatibility are finished. Next, we create the product at lab scale. Post approval, these are taken to be scaled. We also determine the product's shelf life, apply for accelerated stability studies, and get production licences. We assist with any and every aspect of the process from concept through fulfilment, with the highest quality ingredients and services in a state-of-the-art laboratory.


Our dynamic and experienced team of formulators, and product managers have the knowledge and experience required to take your product from conception to delivery. We conduct studies on market viability and feasibility to ensure better product positioning. Our effective marketers will go above and beyond to offer training, marketing strategies, and even conduct CME's and product launches for the successful debut of the product in order to forge a productive connection with our clientele.